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For clients who wants to drive itself toward the near future or have newly arisen needs... DATAWEST's mission is to bring to them trueinnovation, to lead them with precise perspectives for capturing upcoming future needs, and to navigate towards their goal by "Idea and Action", "Initiative for Change", and "Technology for Human Beings".
Idea and Action
By keeping our channels open to all kinds of information, keeping our sensitivity high, and having flexible ideas, DATAWEST brings out its clients' new characteristics and dimensions, brings them into full bloom, and continues to address needs of the clients with products and services only DATAWEST can provide.
Initiative for Change
Time never waits. Time never waits whether we keep up with it or not. Then, what do we do? That's easy! Just make changes ourselves. With a strong will for something, we can do anything. Create changes and run out ahead of time with it.
Technology for Human Beings
Technologies developed in history and up to now have been created, to achieve convenience and to achieve for convenient lives, by experts and engineers seriously, cautiously, and rigorously. The next generation technology DATAWEST aims for is Technology for Human Beings. The "IT" era seems to have already settled, and the shift to the next stage is just a step away. DATAWEST's future vision is with software that thinks for people and leads to a better way.
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